Important things related with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

If it's true that if you dream about how to cure the OCD, you should know that the only system to make it, is to delete its cause. The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a problem that is expressed through strong obsessive thoughts in the mind of the person. In lots of cases, there are also compulsive actions. The deep cause of the disorder is not known, but some psychologists think that it's a result of personality traits and strong traumatic mental events. That is a key factor due to to heal the deepest cause has to be the only system to heal the OCD.


The elements that are considered responsible of the disease are the social influence, the excessive protection received by the patient's fellows, and the presence of childhood traumas, and things like that. One of the factors that can make the disorder is the anxiety. Let's talk about some cases of compulsive actions. Some rituals are:

Cleaning their hands one time after another.

The acf of checking that the doors are properly closed and other cases of acts of verifying.

To order the objects in a certain way.

To do some mental acts related to think about orders of numbers or words and letters.

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Most of the treatments are not as helpful as someone might like and it is a consequence of the reality that a lot of therapies, as well as conductive therapy, often are not able to cure the OCD. This is a consequence of the fact that most treatments can't to erase the deep cause of obsessive acts. If we want to heal we have to consider that you need delete the causal factors. The only therapies that are really effective in the cure of the problem are the the bioneuroemotion and the fact of not to believe the thoughts. Those are things that work at the level of the subconscious mind. Once this is completely fixed, the anxiety is going to be cured.


Let's talk now about the psychoanalytic therapy. It was discovered by the wise doctor Sigmund Freud, and heavily influenced by Carl Jung. It`s good to understand the problem because the psychoanalytical doctor makes possible repressed emotions to be accepted, and therefore the unconscious emotions no more are perpetuating the OCD symptoms, and that allows the cure to be possible. Despite that it's a long process, because it is always needed a high number of days of therapy to be posible to make possible the obsessive thoughts to improve. It might imply it's very expensive to cure the OCD using psychoanalysis.

In the objective of knowing how to cure the OCD is quite effective the BioNeuroEmotion, that is a treatment created by Enric Corbera. It's a methodology that introduces the influence of the ancestors in our personality, and one of its resources is the analysis of the genealogical ancestors.


The truth is than the most typical examples of obsessive behaviours are things like the act of washing one's hands over and over, to check than the doors are closed, and to leave the objects in a certain way. It's also frequent to wash the bedroom repeatedly, to maintain the home absolutely disinfected and free of microbes. The patients understand than that kind of habits are not a healthy thing but they can't avoid to do that kind of compulsive acts. If they don't make the rituals they begin to feel a lot of anxiety. In these cases, the only way of decreasing the anxiety is to be repeating the compulsive impulses. The cognitive treatments help to dicrease those levels of distress. Despite that, most times it will not cure the compulsive acts.   I want to sugeest you to follow these advices for curing the OCD.


Most persons who suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder have not been diagnosed, and that's why they can't search the solution. Some peole are conscious that they do acts that can't be considered normal. But they don't comprehend why, and what's the way to forget about the rituals. As you may know this is something extremely hard from the emotional point of view because of the intrusive thoughts. Those guys are striving in suffering and they don't say it to other persons and the reason is that often they are afraid of being judged. In case you are a relative of someone who you believe that maybe have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the wise thing you might do is have a talk with that person. You have to explain him this problem and talk about the need of search for someone to help you. It's also highly important to show to that person your help and faith. It's necessary to tell that person the fact that he's not alone. That can be helpful a lot.


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